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Shanghai Pharmaceutical medical park-2013

Jason Holtzman Design-Shanghai-Pharmaceutical-medical-park- 1b Jason Holtzman Design-Shanghai-Pharmaceutical-medical-park -3b Jason Holtzman Design-Shanghai-Pharmaceutical-medical-park-2b Jason Holtzman Design-Shanghai-Pharmaceutical-medical-park-option-b-1 Jason Holtzman Design-Shanghai-Pharmaceutical-medical-park-option-b-2 Jason Holtzman Design-Shanghai-Pharmaceutical-medical-park-option-b-3

Zhengzhou-“USB” Mobile Data Security Research and Service Center Office Building -2012 –First Place Competition Winner

Click here to see video:

Zhengzhou-USB-Office Building-Winning Competition Design-Video:


concept sketches:
concept A:

Concept B:

Concept C:Concept D: (Winning Concept)

First Place Competition Winning Design:

Zhengzhou-Technology Incubator  Office Building -2012


Shanghai Caohejing Technical-Eco-Office and Research Park

Shanghai 2011 Eco Office Park (Solar Version)

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