Guangzhou Yanjiang Boutique Hotel 2013

Design 2

Zhaoqing Garden Hotel 2012

State Guest House



Chongqing Highspeed Railway Terminal and Mixed Use Complex 2012-5-Star Hotel

Shanghai Caohejing Technical-Eco-Office and Research Park-2011-5-Star Hotel


(Project with Dimit Architects)

Sustainable “Bioclimatic” Condo Towers, Project with Dimit Architects
 Sustainable “Bioclimatic” Condo Towers, Project with Dimit Architects

TerraMark Condominium Towers, Daytone Beach, Florida

The Project consists of 14-story and 18-story condominium towers anchored by a common parking and amenity podium base. The base is lined with nineteen three story townhouses fronting a new riverfront boardwalk, amenities, and a private marina.

185 residential units are provided in all.  Large overhangs and double skinwalls with bris-du-soleil help provide protection from the sun, and help “bioclimatically” control temperatures thru passive solar design techniques.

email:  Shanghai + 15502161473    QQ: 2492622992    USA  (Skype)  New York City + 9177203152

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